“Numerical Research of Periodic Solution for a Hamiltonian System”

  • E. Gaussens
Part of the Annals of CEREMADE book series (CEREMADE, volume 2)


This paper deals with the following problem: Find approximate solutions of
$$ \left\{ \begin{gathered} \frac{{dy}}{{dt}} = \frac{{\partial H}}{{\partial q}}(y,q) + {{f}_{1}}(t) \hfill \\ \frac{{dq}}{{dt}} = - \frac{{\partial H}}{{\partial y}}(y,q) + {{f}_{2}}(t) \hfill \\ \end{gathered} \right.\quad t \in [0,T] $$
with T pre-assigned, and the boundary constraint:
$$ \left\{ \begin{gathered} y(0)\; = \;y(T)\quad \in \quad {{R}^{n}} \hfill \\ q(0)\; = \;q(T)\quad \in \quad {{R}^{n}} \hfill \\ \end{gathered} \right. $$


Periodic Solution Hamiltonian System Projection Method Boundary Constraint Critical Point Theory 
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