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Drugs of Abuse

  • P. V. Taberner


Drug abuse is not just a modern phenomenon: it is probably as old as the drugs themselves. It is found in all societies and creates social and legal problems wherever it occurs. Making certain drugs available only on medical prescription does not prevent them getting into the wrong hands. Making the possession of a particular substance a criminal offence does not prevent people from manufacturing and distributing it, and otherwise law-abiding citizens from buying it. Problems arise, therefore, both with controlling illegal substances and with the misuse of legal drugs or other products. The current fashion of solvent abuse by young people in Britain, for example, is made more difficult to control by the widespread availability of these solvents in glues and other household products. It has been argued that there will always be a small proportion of psychologically inadequate people who need to find a magical solution to life, and that this solution often takes the form of drug abuse.


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