My Life Among The Polyominoes

  • David A. Klarner


My life as a mathematician was probably launched by my father. He had a scientific mind, and he was a very constructive man with the attitude that he could do anything. I also had an excellent high school teacher, Nemo Debely, who nurtured my interest in science and mathematics; in particular, he encouraged me to read Martin Gardner’s columns in The Scientific American about the time they began to appear in the late fifties. Inspired by my father’s example, I had the attitude toward mathematics that I could do it. When Deb gave me a classical problem in geometry, number theory, combinatorics, or whatever, I set to work thinking I would solve it. Of course, I never managed to solve Fermat’s Last Theorem, the four color conjecture (now a theorem), or to prove that there is an infinite set of prime pairs, but I learned a lot by trying. Mixed into this naive period was my first contact with Martin Gardner.


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