Silicates I

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Chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. Agate, a variegated chalcedony. Iris agate, an iridescent agate. Amethyst, a purple or pale violet variety of crystalline quartz. Bloodstone, a green chalcedony sprinkled with red spots. Chrysoprase, a green variety of chalcedony containing nickel. Citrine, a yellow variety of crystalline quartz. Jasper, massive quartz colored red by iron oxide. Myrickite, a whitish or grayish quartz or chalcedony unevenly colored by reddish inclusions of cinnabar. Rose quartz, a pink to rose-red variety of crystalline quartz. Smoky quartz, a smoky yellow, smoky brown, or brownish-gray variety of crystalline quartz.


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