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Reported herein are the occurrences of 736 terrestrial mineral species, plus 5 species found in meteorites.* The large number of species found in the state is the result of the diverse character of the state’s eleven geomorphic provinces (See Map 1-1). From the lake-bed deposits of the Basin Ranges and Mojave Desert provinces have come the abundant borate and saline species. The Coast Ranges province, dominated by the Franciscan formation and associated serpentinites, has been the source of the minerals of the mercury deposits, the carbonates and other products of serpentine alteration, and the typical Franciscan species. The precious metals — gold and platinum — have been found mainly in the Sierra Nevada and the Klamath Mountains provinces. These mountain regions, together with the Basin Ranges and Mojave Desert provinces, have been the principal sources of the base metals, their sulfides, and their oxidation products. And from the Peninsular Ranges province have come the numerous pegmatitic and associated contact-zone species.


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