Internal-Combustion Engine Cycles

  • John B. Liljedahl
  • Paul K. Turnquist
  • David W. Smith
  • Makoto Hoki


Early internal-combustion engines were provided with a combustible charge that was ignited at atmospheric pressure. It was recognized as early as 1838 by Burnett (see Lichty 1967) that compression of the charge before combustion was advantageous, but not until 1862 did Beau de Rochas (Moyer et al. 1941), a Frenchman, set forth the fundamental principles underlying the practical and economical operation of the internal-combustion engine.


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  • Paul K. Turnquist
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  • David W. Smith
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  • Makoto Hoki
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  3. 3.Technical Center Deere & CompanyUSA
  4. 4.Department of Agricultural MachineryMie UniversityTsuJapan

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