Some Fundamental Principles of Technology

  • Gilbert Kivenson


One often-noted difference between part-time inventors and industrial research workers is the scientific training of the latter. The corporate scientist is well versed in technical principles so he can often eliminate certain approaches in attempting to solve problems. Some experiments which suggest themselves to an untrained person would require the “repeal” of well known laws of physics, chemistry, or engineering. The expert does, however, pay a price for his knowledge. The inventor without formal training will sometimes discover an unsuspected exception to a well-established rule and will thereby create an extremely valuable invention. An example of this occurred in the middle forties when a radically different refrigerating device, called the Hilsch tube, was revealed. The invention actually separated hot and cold molecules of air pumped through it. The cold molecules, when collected, were at a temperature substantially below room conditions and could be used for refrigerating purposes. Molecular separation of this kind had been believed to be in complete contradiction to a classical principle of thermodynamics.


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