Characterization of Process Units for Electrical and Process Control Safety

  • Richard J. Buschart


It is useful to characterize a particular process unit according to the distinctive and unique features that influence its electrical and control system safety. This characterization can provide the basis for approaching many safety questions, such as What type of hazardous classification may be required? What type of interlocks may be needed? What type of protective systems may be required? How sensitive is the process to power disturbances and failures? What type of special precautions and preventive measures should be considered? Dow’s Fire and Explosion Index Hazard Classification Guide (fifth edition), published by Chemical Engineering Progress and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) (1981), provides a useful reference for explosion and fire safety. It is directed at the risk of facility and business interruption losses from fire and explosion. It does not, however, cover the total safety picture; that is, it does not address individual personnel safety or environmental concerns.


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