Methods for Nonhomogeneous Slopes

  • Yang H. Huang


The application of earth pressure theory can be illustrated by the simple example shown in Fig. 12.1. By assuming the active force, P A , and the passive force, P p as horizontal, it can be easily proved by Rankine’s or Couloumb’s theory that the failure plane inclines at an angle of 45° + ø/2 for the active wedge and 45° − ø/2 for the passive wedge. From basic soil mechanics
$${{P}_{A}}\,=\,\frac{1}{2}\,\gamma \,\mathop{H}_{A}^{2}\,{{\tan }^{2}}\,\left( 45{}^\circ \,-\,\frac{\phi }{2} \right)\,-\,2c{{H}_{A}}\,\tan \,\left( 45{}^\circ \,-\,\frac{\phi }{2} \right)$$
$${{P}_{P}}\,=\,\frac{1}{2}\,\gamma \,\mathop{H}_{P}^{2}\,{{\tan }^{2}}\,\left( 45{}^\circ \,-\,\frac{\phi }{2} \right)\,-\,2c{{H}_{P}}\,\tan \,\left( 45{}^\circ \,-\,\frac{\phi }{2} \right)$$
in which H A and H p are the height of active and passive wedges, respectively. The factor of safety can be determined by
$$F\,=\,\frac{cl\,+\,W\,\tan \,\phi }{{{P}_{A\,}}\,-\,{{P}_{P\,}}}$$
in which l is the length of failure surface at middle block, and W is the weight of middle block.


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