Performance Assessment and Management by Objectives

  • Carl Heyel


“By accountability I mean the cold, clear understanding that a manager must either do his job or get out of it.” That remark by the vice president and general manager of an automobile plant typified the brass-tacks emphasis on performance in a hardheaded management’s appraisal of all executives, from foreman and supervisor on up. The remark quoted is echoed by many others. Thus a large electronics company has stated: “We intend to provide the core understanding of what a foreman at this location is, what he or she is supposed to accomplish, and how he/she will know whether or not those objectives have been accomplished.” A leader in the food-processing industry reports:

During the last year, we have initiated a “Management by Objectives” program throughout our company. We take the attitude that specific objectives provide the basis for nearly all of the development activities encompassing first-line supervision. Our management development programs are now directly anchored to the management by objectives concept. In the past, many supervisors complained that they did not know what was expected of them. Now everyone knows what is expected of him or her, and how individual performance is measured.


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