Insights into Employee Motivation

  • Carl Heyel


There is a story out of World War II which, whether true or not, points a moral by a sort of reverse English: A long line of motor trucks in a Russian unit was proceeding at a snail’s pace along a pock-marked road. Its progress was repeatedly halted by mechanical breakdowns resulting in bumper-to-bumper standstills. The stalled vehicles began to back up farther and farther to the rear, despite the tongue lashings of officers roaring up on motorcycles. Finally, a high-ranking, though quite young, officer showed up and took tight-lipped command of the situation. Within an incredibly short time the whole line was moving smoothly again. An American observer stationed with the unit was curious to know what device of managerial control had brought about such quick results. He soon found out. The Russian commander had merely caused signs to be placed every several hundred yards, reading, “Any driver whose truck blocks the road will be shot.”


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