Water Quality Models

  • Steven I. Gordon


Applications of water quality models are a required part of many local and regional decisions. The location of major industrial facilities must make use of water quality analyses. Under the Clean Water Act of 1977 (for a review of its provisions see Environmental Law Reporter, 8 ELR 10010, January, 1978), and its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), all public and private facilities that discharge wastes into water bodies must apply for a discharge permit. This application must show the nature and quantity of pollutants which will be discharged at any given site. The application is evaluated in terms of meeting the effluent standards for discharges for that type of plant and the ambient or in-stream standards for water quality. Thus, in the selection of a plant location, the design of plant manufacturing and waste processing facilities (if any), or the expansion of an existing industrial facility, some analysis of the water quality impacts must be made.


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