Guidelines for Writing IPPMC Case Histories

  • Louis J. Goodman


Chapter 2 clearly demonstrated the significance of a series of carefully documented case histories that describe and analyze the process of managing projects within various sectors and diverse economic and social settings. The case histories provide a direct and intimate view of the role and activities of the project manager. They also focus on the many techniques, relationships, and other factors that contribute to the success or failure of particular projects. For education and training purposes, they provide a realistic context for analyzing the management of projects. As a reference, they provide both scholars and practitioners with useful insights in (1) planning and managing new projects and (2) troubleshooting for ongoing projects. Written in the IPPMC framework, case histories provide firsthand accounts of management difficulties that occur within each phase of the project cycle and the methods used to analyze these interrelated problems. This framework helps to create an awareness of a project’s integrated, cohesive nature.


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