Project Evaluation

  • John N. Hawkins


Evaluation is an analytical process to determine, as systematically and objectively as possible, the effectiveness, efficiency, and significance or relevance of projects. In Chapter 1, evaluation is presented as the first task in the final phase of the IPPMC. However, Chapter 1 demonstrates that evaluation must be an ongoing process throughout the project cycle. Evaluation should critically examine and analyze the results of each task in the integrated project cycle to provide the necessary feedback to project management, ensuring cost effectiveness and safety in fulfilling project goals. This process will also accomplish three additional needs: (1) provide rapid solutions to unexpected problems that might emerge during implementation; (2) provide a sound basis for postproject assessment and evaluation; and (3) provide useful lessons to improve policies, plans, and management for future projects. The lessons drawn from an evaluation of four IPPMC case histories are presented and discussed in Chapter 9.


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