• Yuichi Iwadate
  • Yozo Utsumi
  • Yoshimichi Ohtsuka
  • Kenji Oumaru
  • Keiichi Kubota
  • Toshiyuki Takegahara
  • Taiji Nishigawa
  • Akio Yanagimachi
  • Takehiko Yoshino


The most accessible means of realizing Hi-Vision broadcasting in the future is with satellite broadcasting. Satellite broadcasting is capable of providing nationwide TV service both effectively and economically. Of the eight channels in the 12 GHz band assigned to Japan for direct satellite broadcasting, three channels on broadcast satellite BS-3 are being allocated for NTSC as well as for Hi-Vision television. As for terrestrial VHF and UHF frequencies, they are simply not available, and even if they were, there would be problems with the development timeline and economic feasibility involved in developing a nationwide broadcasting network. On the other hand, a nationwide cable or fiber optic network would be difficult to realize because it would necessarily be limited to cities or localities.


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  • Yozo Utsumi
  • Yoshimichi Ohtsuka
  • Kenji Oumaru
  • Keiichi Kubota
  • Toshiyuki Takegahara
  • Taiji Nishigawa
  • Akio Yanagimachi
  • Takehiko Yoshino

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