Contaminant-Generation Mechanisms

  • Alvin Lieberman


In the last chapter, the areas where contaminants are generated were discussed. Knowing the location of contaminant generation is helpful in controlling that contamination, but understanding the mechanisms is equally important in that control process. Process materials, tools, equipment, and personnel control of operations are necessary in any production operation. Many of the contaminant sources cannot be avoided, but some control and remedial activities are possible and should be used. Knowing the contamination-generation processes and the mechanisms involved may aid in providing information to minimize the type, rate, and time of contaminant emission from specific sources. Understanding the contaminant-generation mechanisms can also help to show the nature of the specific contaminant material that is produced by a particular source. In this way, knowledge is available that may allow advantageous modification of a process or component to reduce contamination-generation rates.


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