Standards for Contamination Control Testing Systems

  • Alvin Lieberman


When a cleanroom is constructed and its classification level is verified, assurance of continued good operation is still needed. Product quality records are the most meaningful indication of satisfactory cleanroom operation, but some production operations may continue for long periods before final product delivery and assurance of acceptable quality. For that reason, real-time definition of cleanroom acceptability is needed. A variety of testing methods and devices are used to verify satisfactory cleanroom operation. Airborne and settled particles are characterized, the particle concentrations in and on process materials and products are measured, freedom from miscellaneous contamination in addition to particles is proven, and cleanroom environmental conditions are verified as acceptable. Many of the tests require the use of sophisticated and delicate instruments, whose performance and accuracy must also be verified. A number of standard methods and test materials are available to verify correct operation and status of these testing instruments. Although many of these methods are discussed, no detailed references are given in this section. All of the methods are referenced elsewhere in other discussion areas.


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