A Program Generator for a Model-Based Simulation System

  • Manfred Marx
  • Regine Czerner
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Simulation book series (ADVS.SIMULATION, volume 1)


Mathematical software is often used for simulation studies in which a frequent alteration of the algorithmen is needed especially by modell searching. Model-based simulation systems enable trie users to formulate their problems on a higher level of abstraction. Here a system is considered that can be adapt to the concret models and methods of a modeler at a relativ little expense. This capability can be obtained if the model management system fulfils three essential demands:
  1. (I)

    Incorporation of user-specific models and methods and a flexible definition of experimental frames and tasks,

  2. (II)

    A broad understanding of the user language by means of formulation the models and tasks in mathematical notation and with the help of elements of program languages,

  3. (III)

    Coupling of models, methods and tasks for processing complex problems.



Mathematical Notation User Function Lower Model Level Mathematical Domain Frequent Alteration 


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  • Manfred Marx
  • Regine Czerner
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  1. 1.Organisations-und RechenzentrumMartin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-WittenbergHalleDeutschland

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