Sumatra’s Rhinoceros

(Dicerorhinus sumatrensis)
  • Andy Warhol
  • Kurt Benirschke


Only with some trepidation did I decide to include the Sumatran rhinoceros in this book. After all, there is no zoo in which the reader might see one. The last captive specimen, a female, died in the Copenhagen Zoo in 1972. And perhaps as few as 100 of these prehistoric looking animals are suspected to be left in the five widely separated areas of Sumatra that are its home. For this reason an intense international effort is presently afoot that is endeavoring to collect a founding stock for captive breeding in carefully selected zoos. But the story of this elusive animal, once widely distributed over Sumatra, Borneo, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand, will allow me to expose the problems being experienced by all five rhinoceros species.


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  • Andy Warhol
  • Kurt Benirschke

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