Twentieth-Century Theories of Sex

  • Laura Gould


After Lucifer’s death in 1932, the problem of the male calico seems to have been temporarily abandoned: I find only a single paper, from 1941, which makes any attempt to deal with it during the next twenty years. Here the research focuses on the study of meiosis taking place in the testes of tabby, black, and yellow cats in the hope of shedding “some light upon the highly complex genetical behaviour of tortoise-shell cats.” The Scottish researcher reports that the “X and Y sex chromosomes are very similar in size” (the X-chromosome of the cat wasn’t correctly identified until 1965) and behave strangely in a number of different ways; he rather lamely concludes that the tortoiseshell males can be accounted for through “structural peculiarities of the sex chromosomes, particularly those of the Y.”


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