Atlas of Artifacts in 99mTechnetium Sestamibi SPECT Cardiac Perfusion Imaging

  • E. Gordon DePuey
Part of the Atlases of Clinical Nuclear Medicine book series (ATLASES)


In the first chapter, Watson and Smith presented basic interpretation of thallium and sestamibi cardiac perfusion scintigraphy, and in the second chapter, Juni and Van Train discussed artifacts that may occur during thallium cardiac perfusion scintigraphy. In this chapter, the artifacts that may occur during 99mTc sestamibi cardiac perfusion scintigraphy are presented, and these artifacts may be a) similar to those artifacts that can occur during thallium imaging, b) modified by differences in the energy of the radionuclides, or c) unique to 99mTc sestamibi.


Left Ventricle Inferior Wall Count Density SPECT Acquisition Attenuation Artifact 
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