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The joint influence of materials and methods of manufacture on form design is profound. Most of the elements in a design are likely to have a structural function, and so the mechanical properties of the material, its strength or its stiffness, will determine the scantlings, the general thickness of the form. Thus in cruise ships, there is a premium on passenger space, and this can be enlarged by adding extra decks, a process which is limited by the need to preserve stability to prevent capsizing. The use of aluminium alloy instead of steel for the upper decks reduces the weight of them, and so increases the space which can be provided. The aluminium alloy is weaker than steel, so that the scantlings must be increased by about 50 per cent: as the density is only about one-third that of steel, however, the weight is reduced to about one-half. Just on the weight-saving aspect, it looks a good idea to use aluminium alloy.


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