Digital Intravenous Subtraction Angiography

  • Theron W. Ovitt
  • P. David Myerowitz


The digital intravenous subtraction angiographic system utilizes modern, low-noise, video and digital electronic equipment, and high-speed image processors to provide enhanced images of major arteries after the intravenous injection of contrast media. This image system (Fig. 1) consists of five major components: (1) modern x-ray generation equipment; (2) a high-quality x-ray image intensifier; (3) precision high-signal video cameras; (4) an image processor with multiple processing algorithms; (5) and either a digital or analog storage system. Images obtained before the intravenous injection of contrast material are subtracted from subsequent images; the subtracted image is then electronically enhanced to produce the final image of arterial structure, which is viewed on a cathode ray tube display.


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  • P. David Myerowitz

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