Universal Reference Standards for Measuring Atherosclerotic Lesions

The Quest for the “Gold Standard”
  • William InsullJr.


My purpose is to review the current state of reference standards for atherosclerotic lesions, reference standards that can be applied to the quantitative measurement of lesions and their changes by techniques currently available or under development. The aim of the measurements of lesions is to detect and characterize the lesions, and to measure the lesions once, for diagnosis, or serially, examining for changes that may occur with further natural progression, or for regression or stabilization induced by treatment. To achieve the highest quality measurements, each investigator must be assured that his measurements are being performed by valid techniques yielding reproducible results that are diagnostically accurate and that may be compared with serial observations over time or with observations in other laboratories or clinics. The conclusion of this review is that while criteria for the reference standards are available, the quest for the reference standard has not been systematically undertaken nor successfully completed. Hence, this review will describe the current state of the quest.


Atherosclerotic Lesion Clinical Method Study Lesion Arterial Tissue Positron Emission Tomog 
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