Vessel Injury, Thrombosis, and the Progression and Regression of Atherosclerotic Lesions

  • J. Fraser Mustard
  • Raelene L. Kinlough-Rathbone
  • Marian A. Packham
  • M. Daria Haust


The relationship of thrombosis to the development of early and advanced atherosclerotic lesions, and the clinical complications of atherosclerosis will be discussed in this presentation. Thrombosis is initiated by vessel injury and the platelets that adhere to an injury site cause smooth muscle cell proliferation. The duration of vessel wall reactivity after an injury also affects the extent of thrombosis and vessel wall changes. An important consideration in injury-mediated atherosclerosis is whether the extent of atherosclerosis can be reduced if the injurious factors are removed or inhibited. To investigate some of these relationships, several ways of monitoring vessel injury and thrombosis have been developed.


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