Correlation of Postmortem Angiography with Pathologic Anatomy

Quantitation of Atherosclerotic Lesions
  • Christopher K. Zarins
  • Michael A. Zatina
  • Seymour Glagov
  • M. Gene Bond


Angiography is a useful and specific clinical means for identifying and assessing atherosclerotic lesions. However, since it provides images only of the arterial lumen, quantitative assessment of the extent and complexity of atherosclerotic disease can only be surmised indirectly. Accurate evaluation of lumen contour by angiography in vivo is complicated by vessel motion, angulation, branching, and overlapping as well as by variations in x-ray technique, magnification, projection, and dye concentration. Inconsistencies in imaging are compounded by observer variability in interpretation of angiographic images (1), making quantitative angiographic assessment of disease difficult. In an effort to gauge the accuracy of angiography, a number of investigators have compared the degree of lumen stenosis as seen on angiography in vivo to the degree of stenosis as seen at postmortem examination, and have come to the conclusion that angiography in vivo underestimates stenoses (2–6). This discrepancy is thought to occur because plaques cause arterial lumens to be “eccentric and slit-like” (2,6) rather than rounded, so that many angiographic projections may show deceptively wide lumens. In most validation studies, excised arteries were fixed by simple immersion without restoration of in vivo vessel configuration.


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  • Christopher K. Zarins
  • Michael A. Zatina
  • Seymour Glagov
  • M. Gene Bond

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