Radionuclide and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methods of Evaluating Atherosclerosis

  • Thomas F. Budinger
  • Edward Ganz
  • David C. Price
  • Martin Lipton
  • Brian R. Moyer
  • Yukio Yano
  • James B. Bassingthwaighte


Radionuclide techniques devoted to the evaluation of the atherosclerotic process have focused on measurements of function and metabolism of the heart and brain that might be affected by atherosclerosis, as well as on detection of thrombus formation in major arteries within and leading to these organs. This approach has more recently been joined by efforts to study the biochemical behavior of the arterial wall itself as well as the interaction of blood constituents with the components of the arteries. There is now sufficient basis to predict that we will be able to study facets of the atherosclerotic process in man using not only labeled platelets, labeled fibrin, and labeled lipoproteins, but labeled monoclonal antibodies to arterial wall constituents, fibrin, and lipoprotein receptor sites.


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  • Edward Ganz
  • David C. Price
  • Martin Lipton
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  • Yukio Yano
  • James B. Bassingthwaighte

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