Sulfonic acids and their derivatives

  • N. N. Melnikov


The pesticidal properties of a large number of different sulfonic acids, their salts, esters, amides, and other derivatives have been studied, and among them have been found compounds with high physiological activity. However, only a few compounds of this class are used in agriculture, industry, and public health. The free sulfonic acids and their salts with metals and nitrogenous bases do not show contact insecticidal and acaricidal properties, but some sulfonic acids of the triphenylmethane series and substituted arylureas are active mothproofing agents. They are used to protect wool from moths by treating it at the time of dyeing or by other means; the presence of a sulfo group in the molecule facilitates fixation of these compounds on wool. The salts of sulfanilic acid and related compounds have a fungicidal effect against rust of grains, but the mechanism of this action is still not entirely clear. The alkyl- and arylsulfonic acids have herbicidal properties, but they are not strong enough to be of practical importance.


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