Aldehydes, ketones, and quinones

  • N. N. Melnikov


Aldehydes are more toxic than alcohols for insects, bacteria, fungi, and higher plants. Thus, formaldehyde, having powerful stomach action on insects, is a bactericide and fungicide. It is employed to control flies and has been used for several decades as a disinfectant for grain seeds. It gives especially good results in the disinfection of glumaceous crops, the seeds of which are treated with a concentration of 0.1–0.13% of the compound. Paraformaldehyde has considerably less fungicidal activity; therefore, in agriculture when formalin solutions are stored, measures are taken to retard the polymerization of the formaldehyde to paraldehyde. The simplest example of retardation of the polymerization is the neutralization of formaldehyde with alkalies, and the addition of small amounts of methyl alcohol.


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