Parenteral Infusions

  • F. Lembeck
  • K.-Fr. Sewing
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1. Electrolyte solutions
  1. a)

    isotonic infusions: 0.9% NaCl solution, Ringer solution, sodium lactate-sodium chloride solution,

  2. b)

    full electrolyte infusions (resembling electrolyte content of blood plasma): Ringer’s lactate,

  3. c)

    hypotonic infusions (electrolyte concentration lower than plasma),

  4. d)

    hypertonic infusions (containing higher electrolyte concentration than plasma),

  5. e)

    solutions for correcting acidosis and alkalosis acidosis: sodium lactate, sodium bicarbonate, Tris buffer (trometamol), alkalosis: ammonium chloride, L-lysine hydrochloride,

  6. f)

    for producing an osmotic diuresis: mannitol, urea.



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