Choosing the best machine

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When considering assembling pcbs in your environment there are very many factors which influence the choice of machine. These factors relate to such matters as the spread of component type, the size and complexity of the pcb, the number of boards, the number of components you wish to assemble in a given period or time, the number of different boards that you wish to assemble and whether you wish to assemble prototypes by machine, and how often the same pcb is recycled for assembly with or without changes. It would be very easy to answer the question ‘Which machine?’ by simply saying that any machine or machine system will assemble your pcbs; it is also quite glib to say that the more you spend on a machine or machine system the more likelihood there is of fully assembling your pcb. However, if the question is to be answered in a cost-effective manner a detailed study of machine specifications coupled to your requirement is a necessity.


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