Component specifications and their impact

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Component specifications are generally assumed to be a matter of electrical and electronic performance but with the use of ACI systems the mechanical considerations become perhaps even more important. In the previous chapter we touched on the various preferred components for ACI, but even with the preferred components situation there is still a need to control the mechanical specifications to a very high degree if one is to achieve an ACI insertion reliability in excess of 99 per cent, which is what is generally required by the industry. There are a number of well-known sources of specifications on components supply and these are listed in Chapter 5. However, practically every manufacturer of ACI machines uses the specifications as the source material for their own procurement specification. Thus one is in the situation where although the component may meet an international or national specification, it may not be totally suitable for ACI because of some detail difference. This detail difference can be as little as the allowable bend on a DIL package lead for example.


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