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So far, I have written primarily of the atmosphere and nature of the battlefield; for that is what this book is mostly about. Six of these chapters are concerned solely with campaigns, battles or engagements. The other two—on the siege o£ Malta and the downfall of the city of Hsuchow in China—are concerned more with those blind, natural impulses which in war belong to the province of the people. The one on Malta is written more or less in the usual style of war correspondence, and I think the reader will find events enough in his ken to get a proper picture of them. However, most of the account is second-hand material, gleaned by me from participants in the siege shortly after it was lifted. Therefore, I think the reader should understand that there is undoubtedly, as there needs must be in any straight reporting account, a good deal of falsehood in this story, and probably the siege of Malta was in many respects different from what I have depicted.


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