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In 1850, Richard Grant White married Alexina Black Mease (1830–1921), the daughter of Charles Bruton Mease, of Charleston, S. C., and Sarah Mathilda Graham, and the sister of Mrs. Frances Mease Barrows, the “Aunt Fanny” whose children’s stories—Six Nightcaps and The Letter G—once sold by the hundreds of thousands and in a half dozen translations. Alexina’s grandfather, John Mease, emigrated from Houndsditch, England, after being declared a bankrupt. Her mother’s father, John Graham, was a member of the family or clan, headed by the Duke of Montrose. His portrait by Waldo has been preserved—a dour Scotchman, with a long, stiff upper lip which his granddaughter inherited; but a learned man, a graduate of Edinburgh University, and later selected by Yale University and sent back to England to buy books for the library in New Haven.


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