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January to June, 1906

  • Charles C. Baldwin


The year 1906 began much as has many another year before and since. There were rumors of rebellion in Russia— the collapse of the December uprisings of the year previous —with the Ukraine and Causasus reported in revolt, and M. Durnova threatening to oust Count Witte from the premiership. In New York, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., after long absence, resumed his leadership of the Young Men’s Bible Class at the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church. Upstate, in Albany, Frederick D. Kilburn, State Superintendent of Banks, answered the somewhat heated criticism of his department by saying that no amount of supervision could prevent bank failures or curb the determined dishonesty of (naming no names) certain bank officials. He did, however, recommend a few more laws—not that he had any faith in law or lawyers; but — well, he said, it’s easy to explain a bank’s failure after it fails; but before … just try it!


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