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The Herald Building

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As early as 1881 James Gordon Bennett had urged upon the Newport colony that McKim, Mead & White be commissioned to design a Casino where tennis matches and horse shows might be held and concerts given. That Casino still stands, a patchwork of buildings expressive of the fluttering tastes of the time. In 1885 two other commissions came from Bennett—his yacht Namouna, and 28 Ann Street, New York City, both assigned to White. White also designed the interior of Bennett’s yacht, Lysistrata Finally, in 1892, Mr. Bennett sent for White to discuss plans for the new Herald Building.


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    Earlier in the year, reporting the plans for the Columbus Celebration, the Herald had referred to Stanford White as “the one man in New York who seems to be omnipotent in matters pertaining to structural beauty.” Years later, rumor has it, Bennett, hearing of White’s death, cabled to the Herald from Paris: “Give him Hell!” They had quarrelled. Indeed, it was impossible not to quarrel with the (in my opinion) silly Bennett.Google Scholar
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    Already in 1892 the Architectural Record was remarking upon the absurdity of building a great cathedral on Morningside Heights in New York City. “Why not admit,” the editor asks, “that a cathedral is a medieval monument, as the castle was, or the monastery, and that to go to work in cold blood at the close of the nineteenth century to build such a monument in New York is as ridiculous as it would be to put a moat and wall around the city? The true artist will recognize and acknowledge, with whatever regret, that the Gothic cathedral, like the Greek temple, is a thing of the past; and that though a pale counterfeit of it may be within the reach of the swollen fortunes of Wall Street, the real thing is beyond their power.”Google Scholar

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