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The Columbus Celebration

  • Charles C. Baldwin


One element in the success of McKim, Mead & White lay in the fact that all three partners enjoyed life to the full. They could be seen at the opera, the theatres, the horse shows and yacht races. They belonged, one or another of them, to almost every club in town. They had a share in every art movement. Vigorous, versatile and interested, they were part and parcel of the times, entering into the activities of their clients, designing homes, clubs, churches, museums, memorials and office buildings, for a whole generation of men—even going so far in New York as to take charge of the streets on gala occasions.


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    The idea originated with Andrew H. Green of Brooklyn to whose energies and public spirit we owe the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Public Library, the Museum of Natural History, the New York Zoological Park and the establishment of Central Park.Google Scholar

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