The White Family in America

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Born in New York City, November 9, 1853, Stanford White came of a family that had then been established in this country for over two hundred and twenty (now almost three hundred) years—since September 16, 1632, when John White (1601–1684) landed at Boston, with his wife, two sons and a daughter, after twelve weeks aboard the Lyon, … Captain Pierce … out of London.


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    About the time that the first Adams landed in Massachusetts.Google Scholar
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    They had put a halter about his neck because he refused to shout, “Property and Liberty.” But the calm, unflinching boldness of this stripling scholar (I quote from a contemporary) daunted the meaner spirits and so impressed the more generous that he was allowed to go his way … not of course, without a warning.Google Scholar
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    Adoption of the Constitution was bitterly opposed by Monroe, destined to become the author of the most ambitiously nationalistic doctrine in our history.Google Scholar

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