The Grand Tour

  • Charles C. Baldwin


In 1878 kodaks and picture post cards were unknown. White was, therefore, kept busy sketching, for he knew that if he intended to carry away any tangible reminder of the buildings encountered on his travels, he must rely upon his pencil. In the thirteen months he spent touring France, Belgium, Holland and Northern Italy, he filled six large folio scrap books with drawings and water colors, most of them no more than architectural notes, but all of them rewarding attention, for, as McKim said, when recommending him as a possible partner to Mead, “he can draw like a house afire.”


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    Like him or not, few men have suffered more than did the sensitive McKim when suddenly he found himself repudiated and abandoned by his first wife. It was years before he fully recovered from the shock.Google Scholar
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    The sculptor of the figures of Holland and Portugal which stare down on Bowling Green from the front of the New York Customs House, and of the two angels in relief that flank La Farge’s painting of The Ascension in the Church of the Ascension in New York City.Google Scholar

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