Barium Sodium Niobate

  • J. T. Milek
  • M. Neuberger


Barium sodium niobate (Ba2NaNb5O15) has been shown to be an outstanding material for electrooptic and nonlinear optic applications, and is particularly useful for the second harmonic generation of 0.53 radiation from 1.06 microns and for the parametric conversion of 0.53 micron radiation to longer wavelengths. The material was discovered in 1967 by researchers at the Bell Telephone Laboratories and was found to be stable to intense visible radiation (laser beams) and to have a number of useful nonlinear, elas-tooptic and piezoelectric properties. The discovery of this nonlinear crystal made possible the high-power generation of continuous, coherent green light through the conversion of infrared laser radiation. This, in turn, made a practical solid-state source of green laser light possible. When operated as a harmonic generator with a neodymium-doped yttrium-aluminum garnet laser cavity, the new crystal generates about 210 mW at 0.532-micron radiation. It is hoped that work with this crystal eventually will lead to a continuously operating tunable parametric oscillator. Barium sodium niobate is phase matchable without double refraction; its nonlinear coefficients are approximately twice those observed in lithium niobate, and it is stable under intense laser radiation. A most important practical feature is the fact that the phase-match temperatures are quite reproducible from crystal to crystal, the variations being less than 10°C.


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