Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (KDP)

  • J. T. Milek
  • M. Neuberger


Potassium dihydrogen phosphate is one of the most widely known and explored electrooptic crystals. Crystals are grown at room temperature from a water solution; excellent crystals as large as 5 cm in any dimension can be obtained commercially. Although the crystals are water soluble and fragile, they can be handled, cut, and polished without difficulty. These crystals are transparent throughout the visible and ultra-violet. Applications of KDP-type crystals was pioneered by the Brush Development Co. (now part of Clevite) and Baird Associates. Since the development of the laser in 1960, KDP has been the most widely used electrooptic material; large samples of the required optical quality have been available and the electrooptic effect is quite large.


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