The Complex Wave Number k and the Normalizing Factor Δ

  • Ronold W. P. King


The characteristics of antennas described and tabulated in this volume are obtained from solutions of Maxwell’s equations in an infinite, homogeneous, isotropic medium characterized by the complex permittivity ε = ε0εr = ε0 r ʺ - jε r ʹ ), the complex conductivity σ = σʹ — jσʺ, and the real permeability μ = μ0μr In such a medium Maxwell’s equations have the form
$$\bigtriangledown \times E = -j\omega B,\;\;\;\;\bigtriangledown \cdot E = 0$$
$$\bigtriangledown \times B = \mu (\sigma + j\omega \varepsilon)E,\;\;\;\;\bigtriangledown \cdot B = 0$$


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