A sound-filmed psychiatric interview: number 2, the “Temple University” interview

Used for the Demonstration of Data Analysis in this Book
  • Louis A. Gottschalk
  • Arthur H. Auerbach
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One of the original conceptions of this book, when Albert Scherten1 was first working on the idea of compiling the material, was that it would be comprised of a collection of papers each illustrating a research method applied to the same sound-filmed psychiatric interview. That organization of the book was not adopted because the editors decided it might limit the types of significant contributions to research methods in psychotherapy that could appropriately fit in this book. A number of groups of research workers in psychotherapy across the nation, however, had access to transcripts or films of this sound-filmed interview, recorded under the direction of Dr. Scheiten at Temple University Medical Center. Of these researchers, several did, in fact, use this recorded interview to illustrate their methodological approach. Four chapters in this book (those by Erika Chance, Louis A. Gottschalk, et al., Philip F. D. Seitz, and Albert E. Scherten) made use of what we will call the “Temple University” interview.


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