Macromolecules—Functional and Biochemical Correlates

  • G. P. Talwar
  • Zafar Iqbal


The role of small molecules, in particular the monovalent and divalent cations and neurohumors, has been well recognized in the central nervous system. The former contribute to the development of resting potentials across the membranes. They also impart, along with structural components, the properties of excitability to these cells. Their dynamics are inherently associated with the generation of action potentials. Neuro-humors as a class have an important function in transmission of messages, excitatory or inhibitory, from one cell to the other. Several such molecules have been identified and chemically characterized. The fact that many compounds with pronounced psychoactive effects have structures closely resembling the neurotransmitters points to the great relevance of these “micro” molecules to the brain function. Some of these issues have recently been discussed elsewhere (Talwar and Singh, 1970) and would not come under the purview of this chapter.


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