The Cosmic Primordial Electromagnetic Radiation Field

Postulate 6
  • A. Karel Velan


The concept of an omnipresent primordial, electromagnetic, radiation field flowing through the interuniverse cosmic space at velocities greater than the speed of light came to me in a visional flash, combined with the overall theory of particle creation and subsequent events resulting in the birth of our universe. This powerful, basic energy field of the cosmos in the form of super-high-frequency radiation, at energy levels of maybe 108–1011 GeV, is the fundamental tool of divine power. It propagates at velocities largely exceeding the speed of light of c = 299,729 km/sec. This statement is really not a contradiction of the Einstein theory of special relativity but rather a limitation put on the theory and its validity to those parts of the cosmos where the pure cosmic vacuum is replaced by a mixture of space matter and radiation as it exists in our own universe.


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