Interleukin-8 —A Mediator of Inflammatory Lung Disease?

  • Diana Smith
  • Lisa Burrows
  • John Westwick
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Chronic inflammation is a feature of the airways of patients exhibiting lung diseases such as asthma, sarcoidosis and bronchitis. This has been recognised from autopsy studies of asthmatic airways (1) and has also been shown to be evident in the airways of asthmatics who have mild asthma (2) or are asymptomatic (3). Bronchial airway hyperreactivity (BHR) to a wide range of pharmacological and physical agents is one of the most characteristic features of asthmatic airways. It is known that intensification of BHR follows antigen challenge in atopic asthmatics (4) and it has been widely presumed that inflammatory events during late-onset reactions may determine the changes in airway reactivity (5).


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