High-Fluence Rate Monochromatic Light Sources, Computerized Analysis of Cell Movements, and Microbeam Irradiation of a Moving Cell: Current Experimental Methodology at the Okazaki Large Spectrograph

  • Masakatsu Watanabe
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 211)


Previous biological spectrographs (Parker et al., 1946; Monk and Ehret, 1956; Jacques et al., 1964; Balegh and Biddulph, 1970; Watanabe and Furuya, 1974) which enabled simultaneous irradiation of many samples with different wavelengths have been very useful tools for action spectroscopy, especially with whole plant systems (Borthwick et al, 1952; Shen-Miller et al, 1969; Wada and Furuya, 1974; Inoue and Furuya, 1975).


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