Electrophysiology of Photomovements in Flagellated Algae

  • Oleg A. Sineshchekov
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Photo-induced motile responses in microorganisms differ greatly by their appearance and mechanisms (see Nultsch and Häder, 1988 for comprehensive review). The traditional classification of photomovements has long been based on the behavioral principles (Diehn et al., 1977). Accordingly, the definitions used (photokinesis, photophobic responses and phototaxis)described the final results of light stimulation of a cell, reflecting mostly the strategy of light-induced behavior. However, for the analysis of a sensory transduction mechanism of the photo-induced responses it seems more useful to differentiate them on the basis of the probable nature of their photoreceptors and primary photobiological events in a cell. Three main photobiological types of photoreception could be suggested from this point of view (Sineshchekov and Litvin, 1974; 1982).


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