Original Properties of Thin Adsorbed Films on an Ionic Surface of Square Symmetry and High Surface Homogeneity: MgO(100)

  • J. P. Coulomb
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 267)


Since. the pioneering work of A. Thorny and X. Duval [1], who discovered the existence of two-dimensional (2d) phases at the beginning of the seventies, physisorption studies on highly homogeneous surfaces have pointed out several evolution stages. A couple of decades have been devoted on the one hand to the understanding of the specific (2d) matter properties with a particular interest for the (2d) melting transition and on the other hand to the “subtle” substrate influence which is well illustrated by commensurate ⇔ incommensurate (2d) solid transition observations. Three International Congresses have been dedicated to this low dimensionality physics [2][3][4]. After this stage the (2d) physics community interest switched toward thicker films properties analysis. J.G. Dash article’s title “Between two and three dimensions” [5] expresses very well the wish to link the (2d) matter behavior to the bulk (3d) one. During this period growth modes of films and wetting phenomena have been extensively analysed. The most recent stage of this physisorption development has been reached by the middle of the eighties when surface phase changes such as the roughening transition and surface premelting have been observed in “bulk ” materials. Indeed physisorbed wetting films are well suited for such surface phase transitions.


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