Probing Film Phase Transitions Through Measurements of Sliding Friction

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 267)


The sliding friction of a molecularly thin film adsorbed on a solid surface is a topic which is presently quite underdeveloped. One’s ability to measure this quantity allows a wealth of new information to become available in a variety of areas such as Darcy flow in dendritic film growth, the “no-slip” boundary condition of fluid hydrodynamics and the study and identification of thin film phase transitions. The purpose of this chapter is to describe how sliding friction measurements can be carried out and in particular be utilized for the identification and characterization of melting and surface melting transitions occurring within thin adsorbed films. At present, these measurements are providing more insight to the microscopic origins of friction than to the actual study of the phase transitions. Nonetheless, as the details of the frictional force laws which govern slippage become more developed, the emphasis should shift back towards characterization of phase transitions.


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